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Pat Steir: Artist (2018)

A look into the life of one of the most accomplished feminist painters of all-time.

World Premiere Fall 2018

National Park Diaries (2017)
Cracked Up (2018)
Associate Editor

Official Selection: Michael Moore Traverse City 2018

Official Selection: Doc NYC 2018

Preview available upon request

A feature doc that follows veteran SNL cast member, Darrell Hammond, and explores his dark past and suffering from child abuse.

Newtown (2016)
Contributing Editor, Sundance Labs 2015

A PBS Documentary that follows the journey of 12 high-school students as they spend a summer conserving the environment in Boston and Alaska.

To Be Forever Wild (2014)


Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival 2016

Special Screening: Screening at White House 2016

Follows the heart-wrenching and tragic story of the Sandy Hook school shootings.


A PBS Documentary that inspires people to reconnect with nature, wherever they happen to be.

Roger Waters: The Wall (2014)
Assistant Editor

A Concert Feature Doc about Pink Floyd. Details one of the most elaborately staged theatrical productions in music history as Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters performs the band's critically acclaimed album The Wall in its entirety.

Official Selection: Woodstock Film Festival 2014

Official Selection: Princeton Film Festival 2015

Roy Lichtenstein: Tokyo Brushstroke (2011)

A four-hour conservation film for the Getty Museum, detailing the meticulous task of constructing LIchtenstien's Tokyo brushtroke. 

Preview available upon request

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